(binababaran, binabaran, bababaran) v., inf. stay long with someone

n., zoo. eagle

batubato n. wild pigeon

n., adj. twenty

(binibilot, binilot, bibilutin) v., inf. roll into a small cylindrical shape

buklig n., med. skin eruption; pimple; small boil

dalayrayan n. trellis-like framework; scaffolding

dumalo (dumadalo, dumalo, dadalo) v., inf. assist; attend

n. thorn; fishbone; splinter


n. pickle

n. zone



right here


(Perhaps from the Sp. andar) One go, push, jerk, toss or pull; to take-, lift-, pull off-, with a jerk, etc. Andohá ang baráha. Lift the card-or-take off one card after another from the pack. Isá lang níya ka pagándo (ándo) ang isá ka pínggan nga laúya. He just gulps down in one go a plateful of boiled meat. (cf. gólpe, hinálì).

Dim. of ráy. Also: To receive or welcome with pleasure, to show one's pleasure by signs, to ingratiate oneself by manifestations of affection, as a cat purring on one's lap, a dog fawning on its master, children desirous of obtaining a favour from their parents, etc. Ang bátà nagapangaráy-aráy sa íya tátay. The child is welcoming its father with joy. Nagaaráy-aráy siá sa ákon, segúro, kay buót siá pahulamón sing kwárta. He is paying me great attention, for the reason, no doubt, that he wants to borrow money of me. (cf. pangilô-ilô).

Having a large stone and little pulp, said of fruits like plums, lúmboy and the like; figuratively: dull, stupid, having little brains; to be or become dull, etc.

(B) Smell, odour, scent, emanation, exhalation, fume, redolence; to give out or emit an odour, to smell, be redolent, etc. Iníng bíno may dapóg nga gas. This wine smells of petroleum. Iníng bíno tínto nagadapóg sing tandúay. This red table-wine has a smell of tandúay. Ang dapóg siníng mga bátà dáw kánding. These children smell like goats. Nakadapóg akó sang pagsánlag sang kapé. I smelled the roasting of coffee. Nadápgan ko ang áhos nga ímo kináon. I smelt the garlic you had eaten. (cf. báhò, panimáhò, sínghot, panínghot).